Well SL is not letting me log in at the moment, so I will just post the notice here and do it in world when I can.

This week I have taken a slightly different approach along with the typical bundles. I actually haven’t had any requests for these, but thought they might be interesting to have just in case.


Leopard Spot Tattoos, Unisex, Comes in three different versions; Fresh, Shadow, and Faded. They are also Tint-able! (shown on Belle Sunkissed Skin by Belleza and wearing Xavier from Calico Ingemann Creations and Sylvia from )

Tiger Stripe Tattoos, Unisex, same versions as above, and YES! Tint-able! (Hair by TRUTH called Damien)

From now on I will be putting who made what hair in my notices. Too many of you have been asking me what and where I got them! X3

Also made a Blood Blonde Leopard to match the Canine! (Hair is by Calico again, called Scott)

The Fashion Show has been pushed back to the fourth of April now, giving me and many others more time to get creations ready, and to make it be even better!

The RiotVend changes tonight! Dunno what I am going to put in it yet… so you will have to check in to see! I made a simple Blind Person’s Cane for an Rp I have just started, so that will be added to the Lucky Chair (remember it’s on the back of the big tree lol)

Also will be changing out the Cherry Tree tonight too! It’s Male week so guys get your tails down to get your version of the Yang Bunneh!

Oh! and we have been blogged again! Check it out! http://littlemisshater.blogspot.com/2009/03/de-la-fae.html

Well that’s about it for this week!

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