Things be a Changin’ @ De La Fae!

For the good I promise!

Been working on several things since the Fashion show that I had been putting off…

There is a fairly big update that I am working on for mostly the cats but part of it will spread to the other species as well.

Felines, will be updated with new ears soon! Too many of you have asked for the ears to be on top of the head so now.. you will have a choice!

Also resizing scripts will soon be put into effect for the legs, paws, and possibly the ears. Still working out the issues with the resizing script and texture scripts bugging though.

Also all skins will be updated so they load faster without losing quality!

One more thing… As soon as I can figure this thing out… I bought a Hippo Update server. So that means that pretty soon, all you have to do is Rez an update box and you will get any updates for the bundle!
(Side Note: If any of you know how to set this thing up, please get a hold of me… the manual for it is very confusing XD)

I am also deviating from the norm as well… Built a lot for the RP land myself and was thinking… that some of it you all might like to have for yourselves! Soon furniture, and other items will be available in the store.

Don’t forget to check out the Wood Bourne Mall, that’s where all those loverly creators from the third floor have gone!

So keep your ears and eyes open!
Lerochelle Destiny

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