I am not one to pump up my birthday or anything like that, usually spend the day at home reading a book or roaming SL for fun.

But this was my first Rezz-day soo…..

All Full Avatar Bundles in the Main Store are up to 50% off!

Sale is on now and will end at 11:59 pm Feb. 2nd!

Yeah… I actually missed my rez-day by one.. hehe… actually found out when someone wished me a happy rez-day today. XD

It’s my after-rez-day so come on down and get the Sale before it’s over!

The new Bear Avis coming out should be out by the middle of this week or so. Yeah… been lagging my tail on the ground and SL has been shutting down my sim periodically (they are working on the problem and seem to have it fixed now)… So I will be getting those worked on pretty quickly.

Same stuff in the RiotVend, Cherry Tree, and Lucky Chair though so you get another week to try to get all you can!

Happy Shopping!

Lerochelle Destiny

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