New Stuff!

MutedBrown Feline *requested by Marrra* Simple Muted shades of brown with dark chocolate “socks”.

ChocCaramel Tiger *requested by Aaryanna* Same colors as the ChocCaramel Bunneh only with stripes!

Black Panther *requested by Efran* Dark shades of grey and almost blacks make you slip easily into the shadows with this Panther Bundle!

PINK Panther! *inspired by the new movie coming out* Be the sneaky rascal you know you are! Muahahahaa *coughs*

ModelBots are updated so get the new notecard and see them for yourself!

Now… onto the goodies I know you love!

Updated the RiotVends with the White Grey Bunnehs.

Changed out the Cherry Tree with the Vampire Hunter Armwarmers, Snowleopard Female, and Frisky Neko MegaPack!

Soon to come out are the Cows!

Don’t forget to click the Subscribe-O-Matic if you haven’t already, Next week will be the LAST update sent to the SL group and will be shut down sometime soon afterward.

Now come on… I know you want them! LOL

Custom requests are closed for the time being.

Lerochelle Destiny
De La Fae Productions

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