Busy Busy Bees and Blogging!


De La Fae Productions has been Blogged!
Check out one opinion from a fashion critic! (love her pics she took too btw)

Been busy busy working on commissions and customs this week, clearing off that list to make all of you happy! LOL So far the list is fairly short. (not taking any more customs for a while) Have a Black Panther coming for Efran, ChocoCaramel Tiger for Aaryanna, and a Muted Brown for Marrra… aaand… heh.. saw a commercial last night for a new movie coming out and decided to do the erm… feline persuasion for the movie? LOL There is at least two hints as to what it is in this notecard… am not telling though!

All this is getting cleared out so I can work on and finish the new species I am working on… yes.. I said Species! You have requested them.. I am working hard on getting them done!

You have until Friday to get your camping done for the stuff in the Cherry Tree so hurry on down! I will be changing them out this weekend.

Da Dun, da dun, Da dundadundadun, Da Dun, Da DUUUUUUUUUUN, dadada DUN!

As for this Onrez, Xstreet SL and LL issue.. I have already removed most of my stuff from Onrez already. Only things still up is my art. I don’t know how to react tot he very sudden (to me) news of it all. Losing Onrez just means my old V1 stuff wont be up anywhere anymore. No real big deal there, but as for the Linden Exchange and the plans they are going to make to the Xstreet Sl site itself… has me a bit worried in the long term of it all.

Well, gonna get back to the workshop and finish off these customs.

Lerochelle Destiny

P.S. Don’t forget to join the Subscribe-O-Matic between the ModelBots! At the end of this month this group will no longer be getting Updates and will be shut down!

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