Lions, Tigers, and Now BEARS!


Ok.. so I don’t exactly have lions… though the Mix N Match Tan is a pretty good match for one! LOL

Just put up the new Bears!

Polar Bear

Brown Bear

Black Bear

Panda Bear


Been rearranging things a bit trying to find places to put everything!

First Floor now holds the New Releases (Front), Tigers (Right side), Leopards& Panthers (Left side), Canines (Back wall)

Second Floor has the Bunnehs, Accessories and Accessorized Tails, Artwork, Mix N Match, and Big Fluffeh Tails.

Third Floor is still the mall, and we have some new creators in this week! So check them out, pay them homage, or they wont stay! XD

Changing out the RiotVend for the week to the Neon Black Leopards. Sticking with the Cherry Tree other than the Snow Leopard this week will be the Male version. (Hey even the guys need freebies and camps!)

Playing with some new legwarmers to go with the Panda style. Dunno when those will be out though lol.

New signage too… Oh… and I am working on getting Gift Cards into the store here soon too! Hopefully will be set up sometime this week, or I will have a better idea when.

Have a safe and fun week!

Lerochelle Destiny

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