.:Soul:. Gen2 Skin Tones are Finalized!

After much deliberating, tweaking, adjusting, and looking at what YOU said you wanted in the way of skin tones, I’ve finally finished picking out what ones will be included as standard for the soon-to-be Gen2 Skins!

Here is the Official Line-up!

Don’t see  your favorite up there? Some of the names have shifted about a bit, so it still could be there, however, Gen2 skins will not be backwards compatible with Gen1 skins and appliers. Sorry!

They will have whole new bodies and options, plus the heads and bodies from male to female are interchangeable for those of you that love the andro, or gender swapping looks! (IDK what it’s really called. Don’t hate me.)

Gen2…. Coming SOON! ❤

One thought on “.:Soul:. Gen2 Skin Tones are Finalized!

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  1. Very nice! I can’t wait! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Gen 1 skins (they are the skins I use almost exclusively over any other skins I own, particularly the Fantasy tones since I love having a fantasy or alien look) but it is nice to have a variety of options to choose from.

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