.:Soul:. @ We <3 RP! Naikkim Head Tendrils!

Want to look a bit more… alien? Having a bad hair day and don’t want to deal? Well then I give you the…

Naikkim Head Tendrils!

Includes two styles of the COPY/MOD Head tendrils, doubled and single, plus the HUD that has it all!

Oh and did I mention they also take Omega head appliers? No relay needed!

There will also be a developer kit coming out shortly in the main store so you can make your own custom skin and Tattoo appliers for them.

Right now you can ONLY find them at We ❤ Roleplay with 25% off!

For the first few days, We ❤ RP will have a script limiter, so strip down if you want to get down at the event!

Limiter Settings:

  • Script Count: 50
  • Script Memory: 2MB
  • Script Timing: .350

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