.:Soul:. Ch-ch-changes!~

And some new stuff too. Let’s talk about the new stuff first.

Gen1 Signature Body appliers have been released!


We ❤ Roleplay is coming! (And so is she!)

Teasers are fun!

~ Group Changes! ~

A few months ago I sent out the survey for you all to fill out and because of the answers you gave, there will be the following changes to the groups for .:Soul:.

❖ The Subscribo Group will be removed entirely after Fantasy Faire ends. May 1st.

  • Why? I haven’t been using it as much as I had hoped I would, and according to the responses you gave, over 80% of those people in the subcribo, are also in the V.I.P. group! Plus, I could promise I’d send out more notices properly, but I know I wouldn’t be able to keep that promise.
  • Until then, all signs, joiners, etc. will be removed or disabled from the store. All further notices, except this one on repeat, will be made through the .:Soul:. V.I.P. group.

❖ The V.I.P. Group will be getting a fee for joining AFTER Fantasy Fair is over.

  • This will give all Subscribo users plenty of time to join the V.I.P. group if you haven’t already, and add any alts, friends, etc.
  • The fee will also help keep out spammers, bots, and the like.
  • I do not know what the fee will be yet.

❖ What are the perks of joining the V.I.P. Group?

⊱ You get Group Gifts! Free and discounted items, only available to V.I.P. Members!
⊱ A 15% discount on EVERYTHING in the store! (When you wear your group tag.)
⊱ The group chat where you can ask questions and connect with fellow .:Soul:. Stalkers and Collectors. You also get to see WIPs and teaser pics that I throw out there!

Want to swap over now? Copy and paste the link below to local chat and click it!



Stay tuned to here and the V.I.P. Chat for more changes to the way Developer Kits are handled and teasers for the coming Gen2 Skins!

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