Roos, Bags, & Bugs!

To all my customers,

**** BUGS

I sincerely apologize for not updating you all sooner! About two weeks go, right after I completed two new releases, My hard drive completely crashed. Luckily, it wasn’t the one that held all of my creations!

However, this means that for the past two weeks, I have been fighting, and reformatting, and swapping motherboards, hard drives, and everything else. Currently, I am on a borrowed computer that does not handle SL very well while my comp is being worked on. But I just realized that I never updated you all on the new developments at De La Soul!



I have admittedly been sucked into the breedables! If any of you know what Meeroos are, you will know what I am talking about. They are absolutely adorable little creatures! Because they inspired me, I have created three new items!

*MeeRoo Hollow – 27 prims – 399L

Includes all shown in the picture. Footprint is about 10×10 meters and you can pull parts off it, duplicate or add on to make a larger set. You can see this as a demo at the rezzing platform in the main store.

*MeeRoo Backpack – Texture change! – 299L

Geared for guys and gals alike, you wear this cute backpack that holds items that your roos dug up, berries for them to munch on (Does not give regard or feed them), and other little fun items. You can texture change the flaps, main bag, small bags, metal, and straps among several colors. Copy/Mod/ No transfer with a resize script. there is a demo available along with detailed instructions on how to line up your meeroos! **NOTE** this Item is geared for the larger meeroos, but you can attach several of them and fit them into the bag as well!

*RooMee Eyes! – 99L each.

I just love those HUGE eyes the Meeroos have so, I made my own versions of them, along with a few more! They come in two sizes of pupil, small and large, the base eyes and prim eyes so they GLOW! Demo is in the main store only, click the board above the vendors to see each color before you buy! ^^


Well, that’s about it. I have already made another bag on suggestion from a customer, a purse for the tiniest Meeroos out there, but cannot get the catalog image made yet, or them set up until my computer is fixed. I may end up just setting up a simple vendor box with a snapshot of it in the store so you guys can grab it sooner rather than later! All of the above items are also on the marketplace.

Wish me luck and thank you all for your patience!

Lerochelle Destiny (AKA, Charlie ™)

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