Survey & Win!

I have had a rather unusual influx of people visiting the store, and leaving fairly quickly so I devised this survey to figure out the store’s weaknesses and strengths. But I don’t want you filling this out for nothing either!

So every 1st of the month, I will be choosing at random from those that have completed the survey, one person to win a 1000L gift card to the store!

All you have to do is visit the store and take a look around, try the demos, then fill out the survey HERE. That’s it! You will be entered in that month’s chance to win the 1000L gift card to De La Soul.

Also, I know I haven’t released anything lately. I have had to start a RL job that is taking me away from my computer, and creations on SL. I am still working on several things, just a bit slower now.

Soon to come: Tattoos/Makeups and Piercings! (shown above)

Happy Browsing!

Lerochelle Destiny (A.K.A. Charlie)

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