At three (3) O’clock today, i will be going to JAIL for a Cause!

*Jail for Bail*
3:00pm   Lerochelle Destiny (DeLa Soul) Exotic Worlds

On April 5rd, 2011, I am taking part in a Jail n Bail for Relay For Life.  I will be put in jail 😦  by The Friends Fighting Cancer Team

If you could take 2 min and follow the LM below/above to donate a few spare lindens that would be awesome! I would be eternally grateful!   Every single Linden Dollar will add up!

Relay For Life is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  It is an international movement involving 21 countries.

What is this? Well… I will be stuck in a Jail cell until YOU GUYS bail me out! *sniffles*

All you have to do is come down to the sim, oggle me behind bars, tease a little if you feel so inclined. >.> and donate what you can to help me pay the bail.

I am hoping to raise at least 10,000L for Relay for Life by doing this. Every Linden counts!

I will most likely be tossing random (and possibly unreleased) stuff out at those that come out, to try and get me out! XD

~ Lerochelle Destiny
a.k.a. Charlie


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