It’s what you make of it.

Hair – TRUTH
Glasses – YumYum
Bikini – REEK
Eyes – RooMee Eyes – De La Soul
Lashes – Redgrave Natural
Skin – De La Soul (UNRELEASED)
Shape – Personal (UNRELEASED)
House – Baha Tiki
Other Furniture – Baha Tiki, EarthDwellings, MMG’s


I am still alive! Thankfully, I still have all of my projects on my old hard drive and after MANY days of tweaking a new motherboard, new RAM, and switching back and forth between a crappy lappy and the new one only to have it crash over and over.. LOL… We found out that all I needed was a new… power supply. (*EMOglare*)

LOL But anyway, this means that I can now start getting back into the swing of things, find a rhythm for working on projects (like the skin above!) and just basically get back on track again.

I have several things planned, having abandoned the Idea of a single HUD to run all my items. Too complicated, too many glitches, etc. I am currently working on a completely new one. (Updates for items will be sent out en gratis of course!)

As for the above picture… I needed to change things up a bit, new look, new home, new start. I am hoping to bring a new level of creativity to De La Soul in the coming months, things I am hoping you will all enjoy!


Until then,

Lerochelle Destiny (Charlie ™)

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