Stripes and Crossed

Some New Stuff!

I am still working hard on both the Charlie and Dorian skins, I want them PERFECT before I release them… perfectionist and nitpicker… that’s me. >.>


Pinstripe Black Shirts – UNISEX – 175L each

Black based shirts with the familiar colors, some muted a bit so you don’t have that OMG PINK! RUN AWAY! Feeling. In this case, guys CAN wear pink and have it look good! Gals too!

I had such a HARD time getting the collar to fit, without digging into the neck and shoulders, lining them up with the shirt edges itself, but the effect, along with the small details of the buttons on the prim sleeves, is just beautiful! Then again, I am biased!

Leather Crossed Jeans – UNISEX – 175L each

Leather and jeans just seemed to HAVE to go together somewhere in something I made and with how the leather pants came out, I had to mix the two!

With the leather trimmings and stitching at the seams, you just HAVE to love these!

Much more coming soon from DLS, I think I am becoming addicted to clothing!

Don’t forget The Next Big Thing hunt is still going on and I still have the winter king and queen gifts out as well, so you can get nearly a full avatar if you just poke around the store hard enough!

~ Till next time!

Lerochelle Destiny (A.k.a. Charlie)

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