300th Product and 3rd Rezday!

Keeping it fairly simple this week, only the one release but it is a doozy. Sorry guys, it’s for gals only, but I’ll make you all something nice another week! *winks* Then again… I think the guys can appreciate these too!


Prim Vest & Tank Tops Collections – 500L PROMO PRICE!

Don’t balk at the price ladies! With each one of these prim tops you are getting around 16+ shirts in one PLUS about a million variations as well with tinting options! I think the average is 18 shirt textures in each collection.

Not only do you get the shirt and vest, but you ALSO get the sculpted chest piece included in all of the soon to be released (I promise) Charlie Skin Tones, with and without cleavage AND two tintable versions along with a HIDE texture, in case you want to use your avatar’s breasts.

They are sold ONLY in collection sets. Individual colors are not separate. Click the pictures below to go get them on the Marketplace! Demo available as well so you can play with the options before you buy!

Dots Collection –

Stripes collection –

Stars Collection –

Vines Collection –

Deo Collection – Aptly named for my friend who just LOVES her Rainbows!

Squares Collection –

Dots Too Collection –

Fleur Collection –

Mandala Collection –

Pinstripe Collection –


So I am sitting here writing this and I realize something… Its my rezday today! Wow.. THREE YEARS in SL already! Lerochelle was my first account, so that says something and before you go and announce you have been there from the start, or longer… let me have my moment please. You know why? Because… I SHARE it with all of you!

For today ONLY, Feb.1st, ALL items in the main store in-world are going to be 50% off!

That includes EVERYTHING. Yes, even the items above! So that’s 50% off the PROMO Price in-world ONLY!

Wow.. three years. *shakes it off* Okay! Time for me to hit the hay, and give my pillow head, as a friend of mine says it. XD

Enjoy the sale, have cake if you can find it, and keep rockin!

Lerochelle Destiny (a.k.a. Charlie)

De La Soul

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