TNBT Hunt Preview!

The Next Big Thing Hunt starts tonight at midnight, but I have already set up my giftie so you guys can avoid the rush and grab them quick!

Yes these skins are FREE and a preview of the new skin lines I have been working hard on for De La Soul!

The skins for the Hunt come in ALL the current skin tones in BOTH Male and Female, and include the features that will be available in the coming skins.

Did I mention they have tintable brows? *waggles them*

Pants are from Grasp, Eyes are Plastik, Shapes will be released later with the skins. Hair on Charlie is by TRUTH, on Dorian is Sadistic Hacker.

The ears? Well those are available now in DLS.

Want them?

You are looking for a light bulb and the hint is “Don’t get blue but 110 boxes of these pairs you must search through.”

Still need some help? Search through this blog!

Till laters people!

Lerochelle Destiny (a.k.a. Charlie)

TAXI to De La Soul

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