Did You Know….?

That De La Soul has quite a few ways to stay in the know on events, sales, new releases, and even work in progress?

Not released yet but coming soon!


I have a Flickr group for you to submit your pictures of you wearing my stuff. I really do LOVE to see what you have done, modded, and combined it with! Right now I have been filling it with my own pictures, but I can’t wait to see yours!

My standard Flickr page has work in progress pictures that you can comment on, and get previews of products BEFORE they are released.

The Blog of course has notices and updates to it that I do not send to the in-world group members. You can even subscribe to follow this blog! Look to the right for that.

2nd Hub will be getting more and more news through it’s feeds, much like twitter on items I am making spur of the moment, inspirations I have, etc.

The in-world subscription group. Add yourself to the list to get info weekly in-world!

It’s amazing the available opportunities out there to stay in the know!

See you around,

Lerochelle Destiny, a.k.a. Charlie

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