Slap Me Silly…

I forgot the pants!!

Along with the huge release I sent out last time, I also released a set of leather pants! Leeeattthhhherrrrr! It looks so soft too, so it must be suede… though a little too shiny for that hmm… In any case, they are pretty and come in all the matching coordinating colors! 175L a pair or the MegaPack for 2k as usual.


And good news! I have gotten almost all of my items up on the Marketplace! Whew!

Been working to refresh the Mythos Femme skins a bit, whole new body and face and just check out these lips!!! I have to say that when creating half the time I will do something and test it, then be asking myself HOW I did that, with these lips… that is what happened.. XD


I am hoping to release these within the next month or two. Happy shopping and RELAX.. the Holidays are over.. right? XD


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