Cozy IS Sexy at De La Soul!

Cozy and Sexy IS Possible!

Going to keep things short and to the point here. A full outfit and two sweater sets and one set of leather pants along with the first compatible items for the upcoming SOUL Hud! Did I mention that everything in this post is Unisex? That’s right, have at it guys and Gals!

PushedUp Turtlenecks

Now these sweaters are just plain HOT! Pushed up above the stomach and they look so soft too. Available in the MegaPack for 2k or individually in all 18 colors for 175L.

Cozy Turtlenecks

Full length for warmth and coverage, the broader knit sweater looks as warm as it should feel and comes in 17 colors to pick from, or the MegaPack for the same price as the PushedUp versions.

Cozy Winter Blues Outfit

This outfit is special and shows the beginnings of what De La Soul and SSK can do together! Includes the Hat, Scarf, Sweater, Vest, Leather pants, and Ugg Boots all in coordinating colors! Resize scripted and copyable as well, this set features some of the new releases and soon to be released items from both stores.

Tribal Edition Sculpted Ears

Seven different styles of ears to choose from with the Tribal piercings. Resize and texture change via drop down menu and also compatible with The SOUL Hud for full customization capabilities! 399L Intro Price!

All ears match skin tones from my current lines, including the Aqua Felidae and also include a tintable skin for any of you that wish to be drow, white, or any other rainbow color. (Full tint capabilities are unlocked by purchasing the SOUL Hud, soon to be released.) Individual texture change categories are the Flesh, Metal piercings, Wood piercings, and Feathers. Almost infinite combinations to be had! Demo is up in the De La Soul Main Store if you would rather pop on over and test them, and the SOUL Hud out before you buy!

The December Giftie is still out in the store so don’t forget to stop on by and grab it before it’s gone!

Until next time,

Lerochelle Destiny

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