110 Jeans and Counting…

So after a little break to retexture the store, reorganize it, rearrange it, and find a specific place for nearly everything… I have finally set out 110 pairs of Fade Jeans.

110!! Am I insane???

Uh… I think that has been established already. I admit it freely. In-sane. Not all there. a few apples short of a pie. I have a few screws loose. Etc.

So why in Bob’s name did I make 110 pairs of jeans you may ask? Well the answer is simple. Snowball effect. I made this one pair, fought long and hard to get it juuuust right. (Remind me to thank Ayd for dealing with my frustrations and to clean my foul mouth out later with soap!) Then put a faded stripe on it and went “Ohhhhh…. I like that! I must make more!” So I made more, in many, many colors. Then I realized something. Some part of OCD in me kicking in perhaps. I made them all in these colors with these one stripe, I had to make the reverse of them ALL.

Did you pas math? I didn’t. Nor did I think of how many pairs I would come up with either! Eleven (11) base color sets. Count them.

Aqua, Black, Brown, Cranberry, Dark Grey, Indigo, Lemon, Olive, Pink, Red, and Sunny.

Times ten (10) stripe colors. Same ones as Above, minus Black, on all those color bases.


Have I said that I am insane yet? I am. I am also tired. So onto the info and pretty pictures!

The Jeans come in both Pants and Underwear layers and also include (of course) the matching leg prims.

Each pair is usually 150L, but with the sale going on they are down at 112L a pair till Dec. 26th!

Megapacks of the base colors (not stripes) are 1250 L normally, but till Dec. 26th they are only 937L for 10 pairs of jeans!

If you are unsure of the colors or how they look in world, I have even scripted a mannequin so you can test a few of each base with different stripe colors.

Onto More Pictures!


Is that all of them now? Yup I think so. However! I have created in the process of “what if I do this…?” ‘s some absolutely gorgeous swirl jeans and vintage styles!

What? 110 isn’t enough? Nope! Not for me!

All the pictures above will link you to the Megapack on the marketplace, however, they are not on sale there. Sorry people, you gotta brave the lag and SL weather to go to the store to pick them up for that kind of steal! Btw for all of you in the frigid north like me, buried under a few feet of snow, again, like me, I keep the store land at a balmy 78 degrees F.

Don’t forget about the Hunts, I have two going on in the store at the moment. Winter King and Queen Hunt and the 10L Hunt.

Winter King and Queen, What you are looking for is a small scepter with a snowflake on top.

Here is a Hint: “The scepter is guarded by Elvens.”

In the 10L hunt, it is only in my store, but somewhere in De la Soul, I have taken one of my items and marked it to 10L. But there is no hint for this one, you have to find it yourself! Muahaha *hack, cough, faints*

.::SSK::. Just released matching ottomans for the armchairs too! Be sure to check them out on the Second Floor, South wing. Oh! And the hat on the sexy fellow in the main pic is for sale too from .::SSK::. . The hat, not the guy. XD

Okay, tired and more jeans are going to be coming your way, along with shirts, and other bits and bobs that I am creating at rather alarming speeds. I will try not to spam.. too much!

Happy Holidays if I don’t release something new by then!

Lerochelle Destiny

De La Soul

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