De La Soul Hectic Holidays!

I have been working on so many different things lately I am not sure which part I should tell you about first. Okay, okay…

De La Soul will be expanding into clothing rather quickly. I just finished textures for about 80 pairs of various colored matching jeans. Crazy? Yes. I am hoping to release at least one color set a day, and HOPEFULLY! not spam you guys terribly about them too! I also have several shirts that are in the works, accessories, and.. *gasp* EARS! (Shown in the Long Top and Mini-Mania pictures)

**New Releases**

*Black Fade Long Tops*
Simple black, long sleeved off the shoulder tops with faded bands of color! I love the texture I put onto these, it looks so soft and silky even with the wrinkles! ALL Layers are included so that you can wear them with practically ANYTHING.

Colors shown,

Colors not shown,

Want to buy them on the Marketplace? Of course!
(Set to Newest First of course)

**Prezzies, Hunts, and Discounts!**

*Winter King & Queen hunt*

De La Soul is proud to be part of the Winter king and Queen hunt! I already let you know about the two skin sets I put in there along with the crown and just an hour or so before the hunt officially started, I added in MORE stuff!

The scepter and present inside now has two more skins, same tone but I fixed an issue with the faces being nearly the same male vs female so now you can choose which you like better and i added in a special hunt only sparkle outfit that has a pair of jeans and shirt in traditional Christmas colors.

So other than hair, shape, and eyes, you get nearly a full avatar!

*Mini-Mania Board*
I have set up (finally!) my mini-mania board and loaded it with another special skin set similar to the King and Queen Hunt one, but LIGHTER! This tone is called UltraSnow because it is as close to actual white as I will EVER come!
I set the target  to 5 so grab your friends and click the board, one of you will be walking away with a free skin set!

*Hidden 10L item!*
Somewhere in the store, I have marked down one of my items to 10L! See if you can find it!

*Felidae Elvens Special Christmas Albino*
Remember that teaser I released last week?
Due to popular demand, I have released a Special Christmas Albino Felidae Elven set! Now, bear in mind that this is not the redone, or V2 Felidae skin, but it is still a beautiful skin set! This set also includes a beta version of the scripted texture, tint, resize, and shine menu. With it you can change the earring textures, and tail lacing all at once with just a click- or four.

This set does NOT include the hair or outfit.

*Holiday Sale*
The 25% off Holiday sale is STILL going till Dec. 26th! Have you been eying that skin, drooling over that avi, or wanting to gift that outfit to your friend, lover, or alt? Now is the time to do it and spread the holiday cheer along the way!

Hopefully my release schedule will speed up in the coming weeks with many new and wonderful tings for De La Soul.

Don’t forget to check out SSK and PFM on the second floor, South wing for low prim furniture, full perm textures, and more! They just released the beginnings of some BEAUTIFUL texture change and tint-able furniture! Stop on by and check them out, play with the menus, you know you want to!

Happy Hectic Holidays!
Lerochelle Destiny

Limo to De La Soul

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