Holiday Sale!

I am happy to announce that De la Soul has a SALE going on until Dec 26th along with gifting options so you can give give give to your friends, loved ones, even your alts! Hey even the Alts need love too!

I am also pleased as pie (uuu pumpkin pie… sorry!) to say that De La Soul is also at Holiday hill, sponsored by .44 Caliber!the sale is there too along with a variety of skins so be sure to check it out! LIMO

De La Soul is also a part of the Winter King and Queen hunt! The hunt starts Dec. 18th and runs to Jan. 3rd and just check out what I have in store for you!

What I have made for you is a SPECIAL, Limited only to this hunt, skin tone set. Both Male and Female are included, along with the ice crown, and brow tinters! For more information on what is worn, click the image to go to the Flickr page.

Felidaes and Pandorans… do NOT think I have forgotten you this holiday season either! I have something special coming up for you guys and gals as well! Time for a teaser pic!

Well I have TONS to do, scripts to slap around, images to process, textures to make, and presents to fill…

Enjoy the sale and tata for now!

~Lerochelle Destiny

De La Soul

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