Buildings, Skyboxes!

I had to take a break from the skins for a little bit, clear my head, but the building bug just hasn’t let go either.

From buildings to ruins, you will find  a few different things coming out from me in the next few weeks, and hopefully the skins too!

Both these buildings are on a special PROMO PRICE on the Marketplace ONLY till Christmas!

Simple Elegance Skybox

In case the text is too small on the picture…

This is a LARGE skybox at 60 by 45 meters. It has one master bedroom, or whatever you want to turn it into, two smaller rooms, and one grand living area that is sectioned off by walls. It also includes the fireplace and fire with sound and touch on/off.

The biggest feature about this building is probably the weather system I integrated into it. You can choose  between a sunny day (or clear), Snow, and Rain. If you are wondering  YES the snow and rain IS animated and does fall outside the windows! (NOT inside the house!)

Candy Shop Corner

Shown in-use at Wood Bourne Roleplay


Three shops in total, a large L shaped one and two smaller ones, perfect to rent out or use for your Urban Roleplay.

I decided to include the icicles shown in the pictures as an optional add on to the build. Copy mod so if you want more or less of them you can, though placing them does require a little bit of building knowledge as they are not included in the rezzer itself.

Both buildings are available to rez on a rezzing platform accessible via the old door just inside the main entrance of the store!


Best Wishes,

Lerochelle Destiny

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