DLF The Maker Gesture ^.^

This Gesture I made in response to several of you coming into my store and seeing me.

One of my friends and I were talking about how I have had a few people coming in and one (don’t remember who exactly) who came in and exclaimed “UUUU! Its the Maker!” and proceeded to practically worship me.

I take this in stride, I don’t WANT to be worshiped or demand to be told how good a creator I am and such (though I do enjoy it of course ^.^) But I do also think this is extremely hilarious and as a result made this gesture for you all to use to grovel at the feet/paws of your favorite designers and creators in SL. (not just me! XD)

Ok.. I prolly just stuck my paw in my mouth back there… but you get the idea… Something funny happened that inspired this and I decided to share.

Enjoy worshiping the creators and designers of SL! LOL

Lerochelle Destiny

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