Somethings in the AIR!


Not That! XD

While dealing with the usual drama and such, I have been trying to get a few new releases out for all of you.

Two new Leopards are at the front and viewable on the ModelBots!

AIR Elemental Clouded Leopard ~ The first in the Elemental Line! Existing species (and possibly new ones) will represent the Elements! The Air Clouded Leopard has scripted particle clouds whisping around the legs along with a small cloud above the head. When you walk, it seems to look like your walking on clouds! The light greys and blues are taken from the natural colors of the sky and clouds.

Photo Bucket Hates That picture.

Albino Leopard ~ A request from several of you! Light greys and whites blended and mixed together to form an almost white leopard.

Asian Legwarmers ~ Bows, Bamboo, I-Ching coins, Pocky Sticks, and charms in the asian style. This looks perfect with the Panda by the way! (These are in the Cherry Tree for 45 minutes with no picture atm so wont be up for sale till I do!)

I am havng to reformat my laptop so things this week may be slow till I get back up to par with it again. I am hoping to be able to start taking comissions again around March 1st.

March is going to be a very busy month for me and several other anthro, furry, and neko avatar makers in SL. On the 14th (so its planned) is going to be an Anthropomorphic Avatar show! I will be releasing a new species a the show as well as showng off several of my other creations!

The Cherry Tree also has been updated with the Yang Bunneh Female and of course the Asian Legwarmers and the Frisky Neko Megapack is still in there so if you still havent gotten it yet you still have time!

That’s about it for now, gonna get back to reformatting my laptop and hoping that I have copied all the right stuff LOL!

Sorry for the long post this time.

Lerochelle Destiny

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