Who Let the Dogs? Out!


Happy New Years!

Ring in the New Year with the newest Species!
I know, I know, You all have been poking me enough about them lol. Finally got the sculpt I made to look juuust right ( Yes I’m a perfectionist, just not in my typing lol)

So for the New Year, four colors of the new species, and new legwarmers!

More earrings, more fluffehness, and more furrieness!

Canines! I am calling them canines unless they are a specific subspecies or breed.

You get with the bundle:

* Twitchy Ears (Six earrings on each ear are scripted texture change including the no earring texture to hide the ones you don’t want)
* Twitchy Tail
* Twitchy Scripted Chat Tail
* Skin
* Furkini (Females only so you can be nude without being naked. aka no bits)
* Shape
* Digi Legs and Paws (claws scripted color change so you can have “painted” claws)
* Instructions

Now release colors are:




Red Fox!(includes special extra tail (not shown))

I am gonna cut this short and sweet here about the legwarmers… Neko Artist Legwarmers. If you like doodling or are an avid artist of any medium this is the legwarmers for you! With markers, and colored pencils, sketchbook and diary. Color change bows and enhancements and letter bead changeable sayings.

The Demo is up by the mannequin in the front of the store and you can buy from there as well.

The RiotVend has been updated with the Cotton Candy Bunneh Bundles! Get your pink while you can!

Enjoy and happy New Years!

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