De La Fae, Now with more FUR!


You asked, and I listened! I know a lot of you like to wear tattoos over your furs, but dont want to show off your bits. So now all bundles come with a PG skin as well as the Mature version, and the Furkinis! (If you buy one in the future and the PG skin is missing let me know! This does not include the Neque’al Bundle however and is ONLY for the Ladies! Sorry guys.)

Contact me in IM to set up a meeting to get your PG skins. Gratis! (That means free ;p )

Now onto the really good stuff!

This week I was working hard on a new style of Leopard… the Clouded leopard has arrived! Currently only in one specific species at the moment the Bornian Clouded Leopard. (Thanks goes to Quiet Thunders for this one!)

Also in the New Release section are two new Canines the, Blonde, and Blonde Blood Canines, PLUS another new Bunneh in White!

Be sure to stop by and check out those along with the RiotVend, which, for the first time will have a Canine in it! (I wont tell you which one… you have to come to see for yourself!)

Also I have replaced the items in the lucky chair with something new! Leaving a few things in there though of course! LOL

I am still open for custom colors of all of my already made Species, and I also have in the works some Cows/ Bulls, Lemurs, and Pigs as well! Custom Price Guidelines are as follows.
(I will post the Guidelines on the forum and edit this one for the link)

And… soon… I will be setting up Camping chairs… so you can camp for bundles! (Still figuring out where I will put them though lol)

A slight maneuvering of the store is in progress… the Canines are now on the back wall of the first floor, Bunnehs on the second. (Have I really made that many already??)

So come on down, check out the surprise in the RiotVend and Lucky Chair along with the new bundles!

Cya when I see ya!
Lerochelle Destiny

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