.:Soul:. is Colorful at We Love Role-Play for May!

I think I overdid the colors again. Wait… Yeah.. wait… NAH! Who am I kidding? The more colors the better!

Everything is 25% Off!

Emma and Emmanuel Complete Skin Packs

SoulAD - Gen2F - Emma - SE - LemonadeBubblegum

SoulAD - Gen2M - Emmanuel - SE - LemonadeBubblegum

With so many things included in each, I’m glad I put it on the textures! That is a LOT to type!

Sidhe Eyes!

All of these are available at We ❤ RP and if you buy the Fatpack, you get two Exclusive sets!

We ❤ Role-Play Birthday Gift!

Because We <3’s Birthday is May… My gift to all of you is…

DUH. Rainbows! Aptly named too!

We ❤ Role-Play opens May 4th!


*GeekOut!* ❤

One thought on “.:Soul:. is Colorful at We Love Role-Play for May!

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  1. I was excited to see these skin colors teased, and that excitement hasn’t diminished now that I own them. Doesn’t hurt that they are colors I had really hoped to see released (not that the existing skin lines are lacking in variety or anything, but having just the right skin color can make or break a certain look or avatar theme).

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