.:Soul:. @ FANTASY FAIRE!!!!

I cannot put enough !!!! to express how EXCITED I am about this year at Fantasy Fair! There is so much to see in so little time! And SO MUCH SHOPPING TOO!!

This year, .:Soul:. is bringing you so many things!

I’ll… I’ll just start the list now.

Ranitomeya S.E. Relay for Life Complete Packs:



EVERY Ranitomeya skin set comes with a matching Fade version too. That’s a skin set that doesn’t have the colored markings, but a lighter tone of the skin tone itself. Add to those the tintable tattoos and well.. the possibilities are ENDLESS! (Plus, look at how many appliers you get!)

Ranitomeya Regular Releases:

(25% off @ the Fair!)



Again, they come with ALL the options!

Emma & Emmanuel in [FF2016] Complete Packs

(Also 25% off!)


No markings, no fuss or muss. Just good plain dark puce color! Oh and more body options like Muscled/Athletic, and body hair!

Fantasy Fair 2016 Auction:

26281506510_3275d0df8d_cThe lucky winner will get:

  • ALL Kissers
  • ALL Uni Ears
  • ALL Wings

Past, Present, and Future Releases for ONE account!
Items are not transferable.
Winner Certificate CAN be gifted to another account prior to redeeming.

Seriously, go bid! Auction ends April 30th @ 5pm SLT!

Ranitomeya Poisonous Tattoo – Fantasy Fair Quest Prize


I highly suggest you do the Quest as soon as you can! not only do you get prizes along the way, but once completed, you get to enter a room FILLED with treasure chests! One of them is mine, and the above tattoo is what you will get!

Stop by .:Soul:. on Blackmoor and be ready to shop, explore, and have fun during the far too few 11 days that the Faire is around for!


3 thoughts on “.:Soul:. @ FANTASY FAIRE!!!!

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  1. The Ranitomeya skins are absolutely GORGEOUS! These pics are fine and all, but once you see them in-world… I’ve fallen in love with these skins fairly quickly. Money is tight due to med bills, but I’m at least happy I could get the three SE colors (and the equally fantastic Emmanuel skin) while Fantasy Faire is active (also grabbed one color from the main line while it is on sale, which brought me down to a grand total of L$14 left to my virtual name. WORTH IT!).

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