.:Soul:. Dominic Drows Released!

Right on the heels of the Human tones come the Drows! (Fantasy tones are looking to be around Fantasy Faire time.)

Since I did the post about the Humans earlier, I’ll just make this short and sweet.

====== Mesh Project Face Installers ====== 
– Face with and without Brows, and Light and Dark Stubble.
– 17 Eyebrows (Also Sold Separately. Soon.)

====== Mesh Project Body Installers ======
– Gen 1 Male – Natural Body – Soft, Toned, Athletic, and Muscled.

====== Skins ======

6 Skins – Toned Gen 1 Male – Natural Body.
With & Without Brows.
With and Without Light and Dark Stubble.

Natural Body Options – (Tattoo Layers.)
– Soft – Athletic – Muscled –

17 Eyebrows (Tattoo Layers.)

5 Shapes (Standard Sizes.)

Mesh Eyelashes.

.:Soul:. Kissers – LoudMouth – Slink Hands & Feet – Slink Nails (All tones included.) – Lotus Platinum –


So yup… that’s it. Uni Ear appliers will be included with the new .:Soul:. HUD coming soon!


~Charlie of .:Soul:.

2 thoughts on “.:Soul:. Dominic Drows Released!

Add yours

  1. Jeez, Charlie! Do you just not sleep or something?!?! Take a break and sleep for a day or three!!

    Joking aside, the skins are looking great! Can’t wait to get in-world and see which of the Drow tones I’ll be snagging first (and hopefully it won’t take 2+ hours like it did yesterday when I couldn’t decide which human tone to buy first).

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