.:Soul:. Dominic is Out of the Closet!

The CasperTech Easter Egg Hunt is well underway! I have hidden ONE egg at my store with an Exclusive set of Eyebrows for guys and gals within it’s shell. You can see the full list of participating stores HERE.


Finally! After months of hunting through the hangars, catching hold of him, then losing him again, I’ve managed to pull Dominic out of the Closet and bring him to you!

He’s got the Standard 8 human tones to choose from right now, with the other skin tones coming soon, plus he comes with SO MANY THINGS. \o/

======Skins====== 899L

6 Skins – Toned Gen 1 Male – Natural Body.
With & Without Brows.
With and Without Light and Dark Stubble.

Natural Body Options – (Tattoo Layers.)
– Soft – Athletic – Muscled –

17 Eyebrows (Tattoo Layers.)

5 Shapes (Standard Sizes.)

Mesh Eyelashes.

.:Soul:. Kissers – LoudMouth – Slink Hands & Feet – Slink Nails (All tones included.) – Lotus Platinum –

======The Mesh Project Installers======

Mesh Project Body Installers – 349L
– Gen 1 Male – Natural Body – Soft, Toned, Athletic, and Muscled. (See the FAQ page for what Gen 1 Bodies are.)

Mesh Project Face Installers – 549L
– Face with and without Brows, and Light and Dark Stubble.
– 17 Eyebrows (Also Sold Separately.)

Keep in mind too, that ALL of my Eyebrows, Eyeshadows, and Lipsticks ARE unisex! (MeshProject ones too!)

Male Kissers ARE coming! Keep an eye on this blog for more info!

Matching Uni Ear Appliers will be coming SOON too! (IN the Big Update!)

Happy Easter!

~Charlie of .:Soul:.

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