Charity at DLS!

No new release this week, well not really.. Okay two. XD

Both are Charity works! ALL proceeds go to AmeriCares fund for the Japan disaster relief. They can also be found among other designer’s at the

Pacific Relief Fundraiser.


So stop by and help out!

Red RisingSun Makeup & Tattoo 200L (100% donation)

(Yup! You get ALL those in this pack!)

Sleeveless Turtleneck – Koi Version 175L (50% donation)

All are available at the De La SOUL Main Store

and at the fund raiser Pacific Relief Event.


Heartfelt blessings to all the victims and their families,

Lerochelle Destiny (a.k.a. Charlie)

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  1. My name is kathy short for katholine i am a cancer breast cancer survier for two years now i am healthy and cancer free for now it was in my right breast i had kimo therphy and other therphy i thank god and i am intrested in the program relay for life of soul so i guest you will see me at the event i am working with mrs kim Sullivan and i love your pictures they are work of art thank you for hearing my life of cancer.

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