After MONTHS of hard work, tweaking, headaches, eyestrain, and frustrations… Charlie is out!

Charlie is the strong woman, the one that will stand up and defend herself and her friends and loved ones, no matter what. She is sexy, dangerous, fun, and serious. She knows how to balance herself and yet is fiery and free spirited. These are the things Charlie means to me.

You get SO MUCH with these skins, I have shocked myself. They have customizable brows and hair bases on tattoo layers, so you can tint from the standard brown and soon, as in a little later tonight most likely, the other brow and hair base colors will be available! The skins also come with the cleavage options on the skins, and tattoo layer, AND on an undershirt as well. It also includes the usual brow shaper, though no shape this time as I am going to be releasing those separate later.

DLS – Charlie Skins – 1500L each makeup

What else… OH! I am going to be sponsoring an event next Friday at Lucid Dreams. There will be two gift cards for one guy and one gal up for grabs valued at 1000L each, along with myself being there and most likely tossing out stuff from my product lines too! I will have more info on all of that later in the week.

I think I need a bit of a break… can’t think… mind is going numb… inspiration won’t come…

Be sure to try the DEMOS of the skins before you buy!

Till later,

Lerochelle Destiny (A.k.a. Charlie)

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