Buildings Two!

Put several Lucky Boards up in the store yesterday. mostly clothing, some guaranteed to be UNISEX and tattoos, plus the new release of the Prim vest and Tank tops in the Deo Collection!


Well since I don’t use this building as a store anymore, I refurbished it, lowered the prims on it, retextured a bit, and spit shined the floors so I could bring them to you!

Two color schemes to play with, and low prim at 768 prims each, for a footprint of around 100 x 80.

Features four animated waterfalls and three pond/pools, a LARGE spacious and open floor plan that is easy to make your own walls from the existing ones and section the store off just the way you want, a grand central staircase, and two display windows, one has been converted into a small room, perfect for a small cafe or sitting area.

DLS – Wood & Ash MainStore – 3000L Promo Price

DLS – Smoke & Coal MainStore – 3000L Promo Price

Layouts for both are identical, but if you want to see them in world, I have them set up at my rezzing platform.

Whew, Taking down a full sim, and moving my entire store takes a lot out of someone!

Till Later Peoples!

Lerochelle Destiny (a.k.a Charlie)

TAXI to the new store!

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