Secret Comparisons…?

Input time! Below are two pictures. On one side, is the original Felidae Skin, Male and Female respectively.

I want YOUR Input!! Either comment on the blog here, OR you can do the note card thing in the mailbox in the store. Do NOT send them to me! Half the time I don’t receive them due to being capped!

Female Comparison

Male Comparison

Lemme know what ya all think!

~Cross eyed as usual,

6 thoughts on “Secret Comparisons…?

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  1. Hrmm, I have the original female skin and absolutely adore it. I bought it the like hour you released them. It took me a while of staring at the comparison above to realize the differences. I really like the lips on the new one and the depth of the pattern compaired to the old. I also appreciate the more defined nipple .. thats something that often irks me on skins. The only change I don't so much like is I prefered the 'harder' abs of the older skin. You seem to of softened them on the new one some and they still look nice, I just prefer the old.

  2. I agree with Ayami on everything she said. I like the lips and nipples on your new remake better, but the abs were more defined on the old skin. Also the hipcrease where leg meets hip was more defined and I liked that better as well as the collar bone area.Also perhaps a show of where the ribcage ends? I noticed the male skin shows it while the female doesn't. The nipple on the remake seems to be more off to the side also and wondering if it is too much. The skin texture is nearly identicle though, with all of the dots and color which i'm very impressed with. While I still prefer the old, I would have no problem at all wearing the new with pride as it stands!

  3. I love the bodies. Just wanted to say that they look amazing and the detail in the males is awesome. One thing though that seems to bother me is the black around the eyes. For some reason, to me, it look like they are wearing a lot of eyeliner. Also, under the brow, there is shades of black that just kind of makes them look gothic to me. Other than that, they look gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to work on them and make them look awesome 😀

  4. I agree, the belly of the females look a little flat. I will define them a bit more along with the hips and try to get rid of a back seam that continues to elude me XD I am also trying to lighten up under the eyes quite a bit and see where i get with that

  5. Comments about the female:I think the newer abs are MUCH better. The original abs looked like they had a dark unnatural circle around the whole ab area. I haven't bought one of these avatars yet, and not liking the abs was a contributing factor.The shadows under the breasts may still be a bit too dark, especially seeing as the avatars will probably/possibly have smallish breasts.The new nipple is much better. The nipple position looks like it might be a bit too far to the side though – not sure.I like the original shading around the eyes better.The new bottom lip shading is better.I just noticed that it looks like you have lightened the shading under the bottom lip on the female, but darkened it on the male… are the male original and remake sides mislabelled? Cos it seems like you've generally been lightening the harsh less natural shadows going from the orignial to the remake.

  6. Nope! All highlight and lowlights/shadows are completely new and redone. I did lighten the eyes quite a bit, as far as I could figure to on both males and females. Colors are tweaked a bit and the final cut for the females is up on the above post.

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