.:Soul:. Kissers Fitting ~ Cupid’s Pout

~Further Fitting~ Cupid’s Pout

To Align the Kissers:

  1. Wear the Following:
    1. The Alignment Tattoo
    2. The Kissers (Mouth) With the Alignment texture on it. Use the Alignment Applier to reapply if needed.
    3. The Kisser Alpha Layer
  2. The easiest way to align the mouth to your face is to line up the grid at the chin first. The stretch as needed to make the rest of the Alignment grid match up.
    1. The Blue area is supposed to OVERLAP! Match the outer edges of it between the mouth and your face.
    2. Edit Linked to stretch the Mouth only.
    3. When stretching sideways, use the Stretch Both Sides to keep the Kissers centered.
      1. There are a few Sizes you can copy and paste to resize the lips for each Standard Size to help you get it fitted easier.
      2. XXS = Body Fat of 0: <0.08681, 0.07020, 0.05483>
      3. XS = Body Fat of 5: <0.08681, 0.06704, 0.05483>
      4. S = Body Fat of 7: Default Size <0.08681, 0.06590, 0.05483>
      5. M = Body Fat of 11: <0.08681, 0.06131, 0.05520>
      6. L = Body Fat of 24: <0.08681, 0.05640, 0.05520>
      7. Be sure to be editing ONLY the mouth (Edit Linked) when you apply these sizes to the mouths. (*Note* These size numbers have been compared to both the Catalina and Davina Shapes. Editing still needs to be done to fit your personal shape.)
  3. Once you have the grid lined up, check the mouth from the sides and push or pull it in or out of the face a bit. **Remember: The Blue area is supposed to overlap! There will be some flickering of the texture when it’s done right. (You won’t see this with the skin as much, if at all.)
  4. Check for gaps, especially under the nose. If you should have that problem, try wearing either Alpha Layer 2 or 3. These don’t take away as much under the nose.
  5. Still not QUITE right? Edit your shape!

To Edit your Shape:

  1. You did make a copy of your shape right? If not, Make it now!
  2. Not all of these need to be adjusted. You will need to play with them and see which areas need it, and which ones don’t. The ones marked with *Important!* are the main ones you might need to adjust.
  3. Head:
    1. Head Size: 52 *Important!*
    2. Head Stretch: 38 *Important!*
    3. Head Shape: 60 *Important!*
    4. Egg Head: 55 *Important!*
    5. Head Length: 57 *Important!*
    6. Upper Cheeks: 24
    7. Lower Cheeks: 37 *Important!*
    8. Cheek Bones: 50
  4. Nose:
    1. Nose Size: 12
    2. Nose Width: 30
    3. Nostril Width: 23
    4. Nose Tip Angle: 56
    5. Crooked Nose: 50 *Important!*
  5. Mouth:
    1. Lip Width: 11 *Important!*
    2. Lip Fullness: 30
    3. Lip Thickness: 57
    4. Lip Ratio: 47
    5. Mouth Position: 26 *Important!*
    6. Mouth Corner: 32
    7. Lip Cleft Depth: 39 *Important!*
    8. Lip Cleft: 58 *Important!*
    9. Shift Mouth: 50 *Important!*
  6. Chin:
    1. Chin Angle: 37
    2. Jaw Shape: 22
    3. Chin Depth: 6 *Important!*
    4. Jaw Angle: 36
    5. Jaw Jut: 52 *Important!*
    6. Jowls: 18
    7. Chin Cleft: 21 *Important!*
    8. Upper Chin Cleft: 0 *Important!*
  7. Now… your Kissers should be lined up perfectly to your face! You can now take off the Alignment tattoo, and apply skins and lipsticks by either using the Kissers HUD – Catalina Faces, or Kissers Appliers made by another Skin Creator.

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