.:Soul:. Gen2 Hailey & Henley – [SE WildBerry]

Now Updated to Include BoM Layers!If you previously purchased, the Updates went out tonight, but you can always request a redelivery.

.:Soul:. Blogger Search R3

Round 3 of .:Soul:.'s Blogger Search is underway! Do you think you would be a good fit for us? Read the Requirements and Apply at:.:Soul:. Blogger Application Round 3 Applications close August 12th.All acceptance notecards will be sent out by the 15th.

.:Soul:. Kissers Update

ALL Kissers have had a script update to make them more compatible with Omega appliers. To get your update, either wear the Kissers, or stop by the store and slap the Redelivery Terminal Sign! *kisses*  


(Not as painful as it sounds, really.) GUYS! Do you have a Lotus or the new Sinful Needs Osiris? Have you also bought one of the Special Edition .:Soul:. Skin sets? (look below for list) Run over to .:Soul:. and SLAP that Redelivery sign to get the newest version of the sets that include appliers... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. SE Ranitomeya LAST CHANCE!!

July 31st will be your LAST CHANCE to grab the Special Edition RFL Ranitomeya Skin sets! I'll be pulling the vendors down on August 1st! Grab em while you can! Don't forget! The female Genesis Appliers were also updated! TAXI to .:Soul:.

OMGERD! Another .:Soul:. Update!

ALL Female Ranitomeya Sets have been updated, including the SE versions available at Fantasy Faire 2016! This fixes the Genesis applier textures so it fits the Genesis 2.0 faces better. The [FF2016] Emma Set is updated as well! TO GET YOUR SE (Special Edition Fantasy Faire) Update: WEAR the SE Body Appliers HUD. Wait for Blue... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. UPDATES!

Two updates for you guys! Wings Update - NOW THEY FLAP!!! 7.18.16 - Updated to include Animated Flapping Pair of wings and Animation Control HUD. Minor glitches also fixed. There was a goof up with the servers sending the updates. If you got an update but it didn't include the pair of wings marked Anim, and... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. Wild Ride!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times... This is going to be a long Notice! (But I will try to keep it short.) === To your left, we have the new Wild Tattoos! Meant to be subtle, these striking tattoos come in two species, three intensities, and are available... Continue Reading →

Bookmark the New .:Soul:.

I finally got around to getting the new domain for the site! Welcome to soulsl.com! You will need to update your bookmarks if you have them and please poke me if you see any that I have missed! SoulSL.com! New shiny packaging, same great taste! ~Charlie  


It's the MEGA KISSER UPDATE!!! All .:Soul:. Kissers have been updated to have an additional Accent layer, more skins, more lipsticks, new HUD design, and oh.. so so much more! Starting off, these were scripted by Chellynne Bailey. If you don't know the name, you should! She seriously needs cookies for getting these scripts working... Continue Reading →

Catalina Creamsicle Updated!

For those of you that managed to get your hands on the Catalina Creamsicle, it has now been UPDATED to include a Lelutka Head Applier! WHOO! If you didn't get it automatically in the last few seconds or next few minutes, stop by the Store and slap that Redelivery Terminal! Now back to your regularly... Continue Reading →

.:Soul:. Wait, What? Updates!

... and things! First off.. THE BIG BODY APPLIER UPDATE Coming!! Ever since I made the Catalina skins and started doing body appliers, I had wanted to make the body appliers universal to all future skins I release. This saves you, the customer money and inventory space, and me... well what's left of my brain cells... Continue Reading →

Uni Ears – Developer’s Kit – Update

Just a quick note to let you guys know that I've updated the Developer's Kit for the Uni Ears! Now the AOs have NO MOE NOISE! Yaaaaayyyyyyy! *\o/* If you didn't get the update automatically, toss .:Soul:. CSR an IM and I'll get it passed out to you right away!

.:Soul:. Catalina TMP Installers & MORE!

I must be crazy! NOW in the store.... Catalina Skins (as you should know by now) 899L Along with Slink Physique Appliers 349L and now....!! TMP Body Installers! 349L All the same body options as the standard avatar has, on the gorgeous TMP body! oh.. AND.... Catalina TMP Face Installers! 549L The Face installers include:... Continue Reading →

.:S:. Catalina Creamsicle Update

I've updated the Catalina Creamsicle to include TheMeshProject Body and Face appliers! Grab a redelivery by slapping a terminal at .:Soul:.!

Archer 2 & Swagger Pants Updated!

A Quick Update Note: I updated the Male Swagger Pants and Archer 2 Tunic versions to be easier to fit inside boots! No more ankle flare! To get your update, please go to the main store and slap the Redelivery Terminal! ~ Charlie of .:Soul:.

G&S Pelts & Skins, and Wool & Threads Updated!

I just sent out an update for the G&S Vendors and Storage sets for the Wool & Thread, and Pelts & Skins sets. If you don't receive it shortly, dash to the store and slap the redelivery terminal! Also, in case you missed it, I released my FIRST 100% Original fully rigged mesh outfit the... Continue Reading →

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