Dominic Creamsicle Limited Edition – RETIRING!!

This LIMITED EDITION SKIN will be >>RETIRED<< on October 31st!!!

There is only a few copies left, and it’s over a year old so… Limited Edition!


Oh and the full set is only 799L!

You can get it in the Gen1 Room at .:Soul:.

Also for Halloween!

ZomBetti & ZomBradly are Back!

6 Face styles, including without any gore, 2 body types, Wounded and FreshlyDead, plus all those Applier things! Also only 799L!

One thought on “Dominic Creamsicle Limited Edition – RETIRING!!

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  1. If anyone didn’t get the zombie skins last year and are thinking about getting one this year, I highly recommend them. I’m not even a fan of zombies for the most part (except Black Lanterns), but I enjoy the skin and found plenty of use for it over the past year (including just to be silly wearing it just to say “I’m feeling a little under the weather, does it show?”). They are nicely made, and you get a lot of extras and options for the price.

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