.:Soul:. Licks We Love Roleplay!

We are at We Love Roleplay for September… (it’s already open!)… and we are releasing the first three Animated Lickers! (Oh and they are 25% off too!)

Each Style Includes:

  • Licker (Unrigged, Animated)
  • Licker .:Soul:. HUD
    • 4 Natural Plain textures
    • Realistic Textures
      • 8 Solid Colors
      • 8 Tipped Color
      • 8 Striped Color
    • Goo Textures (Shi Candy)
      • 8 Spark + 8 Split
      • 8 Opal + 8 Split
      • 8 Wicked + 8 Split
    • Full Tintability + Glow + Alpha
  • Animation Control HUD

Oh, and when we say all those textures? We Mean it!

Those beautiful Goo textures are created by the lovely Dead Rain too! You can see more of her items, currently eyes, on the Marketplace.

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