.:Soul:. @ We <3 RP!

This time for We ❤ Roleplay we have two new Kissers for the guys are out, and one for the females. That’s right! .:Soul:. is spoiling the guys!

Version 2 Scripts and Omega included ensure that you will be able to find a match for your skin in some way.

Be sure to grab the DEM OHs from either the main store or at the event to test them out before you buy.

We ❤ Roleplay Taxi

.:Soul:. Taxi


In case you missed it, Marie – Open is available at IDK  with 25% off for only a few more days!

There is also the Feeshy and Faded Lipstick packs available in either Head Appliers, Mouth Appliers, or Omega Appliers + Tattoo Layers.

Happy Shopping!

~ Charlie

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  1. NICE!! I’ve been waiting for the male version of the Orc kissers, so that makes me pretty excited. The Vampire set is also going straight to my “Buy ASAP!” list since I can think of plenty of uses for them for more than just vampires (demons, aliens, etc.).

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