.:Soul:. B.O.B. Just Released + Halloween Group Gift!

Be prepared to “bug out” at a moment’s notice with the B.O.B. !

100% Original Mesh backpacks.

You know me, I’m a HUGE fan of options! Because of this, not only do you get the ability to change the texture on the blanket and bag separately, but each texture pack works with ALL of the others, including the Group Gift version! That means you can have stripes and camo, or halloween with a plain blanket. However you wish!

Oh, and you can choose between either a clean version of the textures, or ones that have… survived quite a while.

They also come with a rezzable backpack for the ground or a table that weighs in at .5 LI without the root prim and scripts, or 1 LI rounded up either way!


V.I.P. Halloween B.O.B. 

As a special Group Gift this month, I decided to add a bit of Halloween flavor to the B.O.B. … oh and of course I grunged it up a bit to give you guys even more options!

Stop by and see the rezzable version and try a DEMO! Because what’s Halloween without a little blood and gore smeared on a fun pattern?

Happy Halloween!

~Charlie @ .:Soul:.

(Lerochelle Destiny)

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