Gatcha Flea Market – July 22-28th!

Gatcha Flea Market Sign

I have decided to give up one of my sims, Faladria. Because of this, I’d like to let it go with a bang!

The Gatcha Flea Market

We all have Gatcha items we don’t want anymore, or doubles, and they are all just cluttering up our inventory! It’s time to clean, I say! and why not make a little money back from them while you’re at it?

The Flea Market will run from July 22 through the 28th, with the sim disappearing on the 29th. This gives you plenty of time to go through your items and set up, then pick up what you don’t sell, before the sim goes POOF!


Market Set-up – July 19-21 (You can always refresh your items throughout the week.)
Opening Day – July 22nd
Closing Day – July 28th
Return Day – July 29th (Items MUST be picked up by today or they will be returned, and possibly lost due to sim deletion!)


1. Stay within your prim allowances! Items will be returned if you go over your prim limits.

2. Nothing vulgar. No nudity, porn, Adult content, etc. It’s a Mature sim, so keep this in mind.

3. Pricing – Just be fair about this.

4. Items MUST be picked up by the 29th! Failure to do so will have your items returned, and possibly lost due to SL error, or the sim being deleted on that day. By renting, you agree to not hold the sim owners or managers responsible for lost items.

Trading? –
YES! Included in your welcome package will be a sign that you can set out at your shop. Just edit the notecard inside to list the items you are looking for. Browsers can click the sign to get the notecard and see what you are looking for in the event they would rather trade than outright purchase one of your items. Be sure to put your contact information in the card so they know who to contact!

Rental Spots:

25 prims = 50L
50 prims = 100L

Additional prims may be requested as desired. There are no refunds for rentals made mid-week, or if you decide not to fill out your rented stalls.

How to join in:

1. Contact Lerochelle Destiny and request a spot be reserved in your name. You will receive a group invite once you have paid for your rental spot(s). If it is during the set-up or the Flea Market week, just grab a spot and rent it, then contact Lerochelle Destiny.

* Spots are first come, first serve after set-up has started.

Taxi to the Flea Market

Do you run a Roleplay Sim? –

There will be Ad-boards set up between the stalls for you to rent for the week and advertise your sims for only 25L!

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