DLS~ Love the Tentacles & Castles!

Bear with me, this is a rather picture-filled post!


The Cthu Shues

Choose from the Basic Cthu Shu Pack (NEEDED FOR ADD-ON HUDS) or the Texture Add-On HUDS to expand the possibilities! You can change everything from the Eyes, Body & tentacles, and the suckers.

Please try the DEMO BEFORE BUYING!

Be aware that these shues are Material enabled! Without advanced lighting on, they are seen as a soft texture, similar to suede. With the Advanced Lighting enabled, they look wet and bumpy, just like real octopus skin.

Basic Shoe Pack comes with the Cthu Shues, and the Basic Texture HUD along with the Cthu Chest in two sizes. One for a desk that is MOD, and a large that has a simple sit in the lid. Both chests can be retextured via ALL of the HUDs!

► Rosemont Castle ◄

I’ve been neglecting this castle for a while, dallying with other things, like tentacles and learning to rig, but finally… I can release the Rosemont Castle for all of you to enjoy!

Similar to the Rennister, Rosemont is her younger sibling. Shorter, but a bit wider and a lot bulkier, with even more secrets to be found!

The Stats:
At 60×60 meters
427 Land Impact
Grand hall with dias
5 main floor rooms
6 second floor rooms
4 Balconies
Open room on the Roof

She even has a Hidden escape route, just in case those raiders manage to get in through the front gate!

All pictures taken under windlight with shadows enabled. Furniture is not included. Please visit the main store rezzing platform to view the build in-world as you will receive it and grab a 3D demo to aid you in your placement and so you can see if it will fit well with your land.

====Feeling Lucky?====

I have also made a Special Edition set of the Cthu Shues for the Lucky Chairs!
Rainbow, of course! They are the shoes with only the rainbow texture to them, and will NOT work with the other Texture Add-On HUDs. They come with the Eye Option HUD only.

I should probably sleep now… or try for something like it.

Love the Tentacles!
(Lerochelle Destiny)

Your Taxi to De La Soul




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