DLS~ Contest – Final Hint!


Since no one has been able to guess, and I have updated the face anyway, I think you guys need another HINT, and a better picture. (Even if it is dark, and showing two color fades I’ve been working on. LOL)

The Contest:
The FIRST person to guess in the comments on the Flickr picture WHAT it is this is that I am making will get the Basic pack, and all first release add-on texture HUDs… FREE!!!

Remember, you need to be the first person to comment ON THE FLICKR Picture… not on here! You can go right to it by clicking the picture above.

So…. WHAT exactly am I making!?! (No, Octopus doesn’t count. :P)

Hint 1: This is the first time I have made anything like this. Both as RIGGED MESH, and WHAT it is.

Hint 2: This is for the Ladies. Sorry guys.

Hint 3: I was talking about it in the VIP Group chat last night, yet no one caught on! *cracks up*

FINAL HINT: As shown with materials, it is sure to be a slimy little critter you will WANT it’s tentacles in places, you normally wouldn’t! (Stop thinking hentai, you pervs! :P)

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