September We <3 Roleplay! 1 Week left!

I cannot… CAN NOT believe I completely forgot to post this up! *hangs head*

September is now upon us again and to kick off this momentous month full of back to school, new friends, and new enemies, I have released for the We ❤ RP! event two new items.

I’m not in a wordy mood, so this will be short and sweet. (Hopefully)

◄◄◄ We ❤ RP – Round 5 ►►►

Opens September 4th @ 3 pm SLT

Not exclusive but 50% off at the event only.

••• Curly Pipe •••
299L regular, 150L @ We ❤ RP!
100% Original MESH

You wear it, and it smokes, just like the simple pipe but with a bit more… curls.
And a HUD!
and Textures! Like a LOT of textures.
and you can change, like, EVERYTHING! (Except the smoke color.)



••• Aquas Swords – Bone •••
299L regular, 150L @ We ❤ RP!
100% Original MESH

Fairly unscripted prop/display swords for roleplay purposes, these come with a SIMPLE HUD that swaps you between Sheathed and Drawn swords and when drawn, will put your avatar into a basic ready stance.

Better yet! The swords are MODIFY-able, meaning you can add your own weapon scripts to them if you wish!

Oh and they come with a 4 LI display case for when you aren’t wearing them too!


That’s all I’ve got for you for now! I am looking at making a few more variations of the sword, and making the pipes was fun too!


(Lerochelle Destiny)

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