DLS~ Lumi & Lumio are Freed!

Ok.. Ok… I have really been slaving away on these over the past two weeks. Tweaking, tugging, tinting, adding a little spackle here and there, and of course the dreaded scripting.

And now, finally, they can be released unto the world!


They are the shadows in the corner of your eye, the flicker of light or movement that turns your head only to find nothing there at all. They are only seen when they want to be, these little dark creatures of light, but they do love to play tricks and seeing one is always a treat!


Lumi & Lumio – Petite Unseelie Avatars

1499L Each – 8 colors to choose from!

They have so many options for customizing!

~✧~INCLUDED in the packaging~✧~
***All Items are Copy Only unless otherwise stated below.***

~ 2 Bodies (With and without lower legs.)
~ 3 Head variations with four expressions each. (Human Ears, Elf Ears, No Ears – Expressions: Neutral, Sleep, Happy/Smile, Blink.)
~ 3 Hand variations. (Left and Right: Relaxed, Spread, Grasp.)
~ Feet. (Females: Flat, Tip Toes1, Tip Toes2. Male: Flat Only.)
~ Lashes. (Female Only. Includes HUD to change Lash style and Tint them.)
~ Mesh Eyes. (Matching to the skintone and shown in the picture.) Copy/Modify (Sold separately too. See Below.)
~ Shape. Copy/Modify
~ Outfit. (Shown in picture. Includes the Main Fabric HUD in Plain Fabric and the Sampler Accent Pack. Compatible with the Complete DLS~Gypsy Add-on HUDs. Sold Separately.) Copy/Modify

~ Main Mesh HUD. (Facial Expressions, Mesh Settings, & Tinting.)
~ Lashes HUD (See Above.)
~ Nail HUD. (Changes the nail color of both Finger and Toes to match all of the Lumi/Lumio Skintones.)

~ Alpha Layer. (Hides the SL Body.)
~ Shape. (Male or Female respectively.) Copy/Modify
~ Optional Parts. (Extra Deformers. See Instructions.)

Be sure to grab a demo before purchasing!


Lumi (or Lumio) Petite Mesh Eyes~ Unseelie
199L Each Color

~ 4 pairs of eyes, sized and fit to petite avatars.

Why four?
~ Two sets have the sclera (white part) tinted for a more sinister look to them, while the other two have the standard “white” coloring.


The NEW Petite Kingdom is Open!

They are hosting a Crystal Hunt in which I have hidden these eyes! (Also available for purchase.)


Did you know?
The De La Soul VIP Group members now also get an extra 10% off in my main store!
Cost to join the group is 300L, but after only a few purchases, you will have made that money back, and saved even more!

Group Gift:


I do hope that you have enjoyed reading this rather long notice! Enjoy your second life, whether you be large or small, there will always be something for you at De La Soul!

(Lerochelle Destiny)

De La Soul

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