De La Soul – Looking for Bloggers!

Are you a blogger? Are you looking for another store to blog on a regular or semi-regular basis? Do you happen to blog male items as well as female? Have a taste for a mix of modern, futuristic, medieval, and fantasy?

De La Soul may be right up your alley!

We feature a little bit of everything, from new petites clothing and accessories, to full size avatars; skins, accessories and so much more!

Take a look at the rest of my site, or visit my Main Store and see what De La Soul has to offer.

Should you be interested in joining my blogger only group, fill out the application below!


Please copy/paste the following to a new notecard, fill out this application as fully as you can and return to Lerochelle Destiny (Charlie).


Your Name: (Not Display Name)

Your Blog URL:

What type of items/style do you normally blog about?

What items of mine are you interested in blogging? (Skins,Clothing, or specific products.)

Is this a one time request***, or are you interested in blogging my items more often?


* Keep in mind that applying does not guarantee that your blog will be accepted. Acceptance is at the discretion of the store owner only and may be revoked at any time, for any reason.
** Acceptance means you will be added to a subscribo group that will receive exclusive blogger packs.
*** One time requests are on a per basis only and you will not be added to the DLS Blogger group list.
**** This application is only for DLS branded items created by Lerochelle Destiny. SSK items are created by Aydryan Underwood. Should you be interested in blogging one of those items, contact Aydryan directly.

~Picture Info:

Skin, Ears, & Piercings ~ De La Soul

Pants, Shield, Sword, & Eyes ~ De La Soul (Unreleased…yet.)

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills – Teeloh Browns

Location ~ Isle of Amras Roleplay

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