“Excuse me” The tiny little voice broke through the sound of the crackling fire and the light snoring of the old man in his chair. Petite little footsteps inched around the candle, bright blue eyes reflecting the light as the old man stirred and turned his head, blinking the sleep from his eyes at the sight of the wee little woman.

“I-I’m sorry to wake you sir but…” Slender little fingers held out a paintbrush to him. “.. I heard you were the best artist in town and I was wondering, if it wasn’t any trouble… Could… could you paint my portrait please?” Her eyes begged the old artist, pleading as he shifted and her feathered wings unfurled, ready to take flight.

“Don’t move.” The old man said, reaching for not his usual sketchbook, but the one with the dark paper and the white pencil, and already shaky fingers steadied and began working quickly.

The little fae didn’t move for hours, barely a muscle twitched as she stood on tip toes, holding the brush for him. Only once more did he speak to her, “So, that is where my scarf went.” gruffly uttered before he turned back to his work. She had found it laying in the street and used it to make the dress she now wore for him.

Eventually the candle went out and the old artist’s hands stilled and he smiled at the paper. “My best work yet…” Scraggly beard sliding further down his chest as his head tipped forward, eyelids drooping.

The little fae started when the pencil fell from his grasp, the sound of it hitting the floor echoing through the room. She recovered quickly and set the brush down, bright gold and green wings flapping when she dove off the shelf, landing lightly on his shoulder, her hand holding onto his ear.

He barely stirred, murmuring “My angel…” before his breath left him in the final rattling sigh of death, the smile still bringing out the wrinkles around his lips.

For several moments the little fae didn’t move, staring in shock at what the artist’s dying hands had created before leaning over and kissing his cheek, then with a flap of her wings, flew out the window and into the night.

The drawing has aged over time, the memory of the artist long forgotten except by one little feathered fae; who now goes by the name… of Angel.

However, her dress has become something of an icon among the little people, something every Petite will be sure to want.


PETITE – LoliDeo Dress ~

350L each, 3500L FatPack

Exactly like the LoliDeo Dress, only MUCH smaller and fitted for the Petites avatars, and includes the mesh clothing layers with and without the bloomers. You can even wear the outfit without the collar, sleeves, and skirt for a more casual style!

Available in all the original colors!

Until the end of Fantasy Faire, it will ONLY be available on Shifting Sands at my shop! Afterward, they will be available in my main store.

~Other worn items of note~

Hair – Monique Petite Mesh hair – Wasabi Pills

Wings – Illusions Macaw wings (Group Gift)

Shelf – Dysfunctional Designs – Books on a Shelf (Mesh)

I hope you enjoyed the little story to go with the picture!

Enjoy the faire!

Lerochelle Destiny

De La Soul

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