DLS- LoliDeo, Glaive, & The Gypsy!

What a name for a post. It sounds like I should start either a bad bar joke, or a story of the three characters!

There will be a few short stories perhaps in this notecard, but they are TRUE!

Let’s dive right in, shall we? There is a LOT to cover this week!

A certain little fairy once challenged me by saying I should make dresses. At the time, it made my eyes crossed thinking of all those prims and aligning them and making them flow right. However, I promised her that I would try sometime to make a dress, just for her. Now, one day I got that wild hair up you know where, and asked her for her shape, which she gave over without questions. One of the reasons I love her so much! A few days later, I had a basic dress and the rest, is history.

And, after she has had it for a few weeks all to herself, I am sharing it with you.


LoliDeo Dress – 350L Each color. 3,500L Fatpack.
Carnival (Shown in the back on the doll form) was this month’s VIP Group Gift! Check your notices VIPs!

There are 14 colors to choose from and be prepared for a bit of modding to fit, though I have it on good info that it fits right out of the box on most avis. It is built for the slightly rounder and bustier ladies and includes the matching Bloomers too!


For the past two 25L Tuesdays, I have been offering two items I had not yet released, or even finished completely!

The Glaive Collection is finally complete and up for sale in the store!
Individual piece prices range from 100L to 350L depending on how intricate they are, or you can grab the Complete Set for 1,500L

All individual pieces come with the HUD to re-texture all pieces of the set at once and they ARE Unisex and MOD/COPY/NoTrans so you can fit them to your specific shape!

*Note: The Ears and Complete Set are the only ones that come with the Skin Tinting HUD. Nor will the HUDS work with the previously released Special Editions.


Another 25L Tuesday Item I had released special for that day only (at that price) was the Gypsy Outfit.

Now, that one was one that had me cross eyed with all the fringe and layers and coins… HUDS!

First you buy the Starter Pack, 300L

which includes the actual Outfit along with two HUDs, one for the Accent Fabric (Sampler) and one for the Main Fabric (Plain), and the complete Plain Wrapped Underwear set (unisex).

Then, if you like, you can purchase Add-On expansion HUDs that will change the fabrics, giving you nearly endless outfits out of one!
There is even a button to show or hide the coins!

Accent Fabric HUDs:

Main Fabric HUDs:

Additional HUDs:

The price of the HUDs may seem daunting at first, (350L) especially because you only get the HUD in the packaging, but that is because you are actually buying ten variations of the Base Outfit with each HUD. (You also don’t have to buy them to wear this outfit.)

The parts of the Outfit that are change-able are:
The Main Fabric
The Accent Fabric
Each one of these has have their own HUD that operates them and each one is sold separately.

For those that bought the 25L Special Edition Gypsy Outfits…
The HUDs WILL work on them!
I have also set up the Starter Pack HUDs and Underwear for sale at lower prices than the others. 200L each.

More HUDs may be coming soon too, so keep an eye out!

For now, I must shut mine and get some sleep.
Thank you for reading this rather LONG notice and I do hope you enjoy what I have to offer!

Lerochelle Destiny (Charlie)
TAXI to De La Soul


De La Soul has a VIP group and it is only 300L to join. Just click the VIP Group Join sign on any of the maps at the Main Store. The VIP group will receive monthly VIP Gifts and notices on new releases. Just want the new release notices? Join the Hippo Group sign, just next to the VIP one.

Under 30 days? Be sure to pick up the FREE skins I have set out just for those under 30 days old in SL. Bring your friends, your alts, bring that nooblet you just met around the corner!
Available only at the De La Soul Main store.


Bloggers Needed!

Send your info to either Aydryan Underwood or Lerochelle Destiny in-world!

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