DLS – 25L Tues, Blacksmith & House, HUNT!

25L Tuesday Items

Okay so the first one is what I had out last week, but I forgot to tell anyone about it so….. >.> It has been 25L the whole week.. why not longer?


Blacksmith Apron – Black

Only one color for now, Black leather and embossed with an Anvil on the chest.
Simple Tunic Shirt & prim sleeves,
Apron with Prim belt & bottom, with and without tools,
Swagger Pants in Brown & Cuffs.

ALL layers included and entirely Unisex!

Tudor Loft House – 25L until Dec. 13th, afterwards 300L
65 prims!

The Tudor Loft House is a simple, yet functional building that would be great in a medieval setting!

All windows and the Door open and close, I have left the notecard mod in them so you can change the settings should you know how and like.

Featuring custom sculpts and fully 3D walls, this place is sure to make a lovely home, stable house, or even a blacksmith shop!


I COMPLETELY forgot to tell you all about the amazing HUNT I am in… that also started on the 1st… I am SUCH a procrastinator!

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt:
You are looking for a chest… not THAT kind of chest! A chest filled with gold.

You are welcome to come and grab my item, if you can find it, or go to the beginning and start there. StartSim

I have no pretty pictures of the FULL OUTFIT I made for it, but I will say that it is unisex, made for the traveler in mind, and comes with boots too!

The Hint is fairly simple:
“I’ll just keep this under my tongue for now.”

Happy Hunting and Happy 25L Tuesdays!

Lerochelle Destiny

De La Soul

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